Manufactured Homes

Today’s manufactured homes aren’t what they used to be. Manufactured homes are constructed in a controlled factory away from the weather and they offer a variety of benefits over traditional site-built homes. And owners of manufactured homes are able to enjoy the benefits of spacious, customizable homes that are typically a fraction of the price of traditionally built homes.

In our six Pot-Nets communities, you’ll find some of the finest examples of manufactured homes in the region. There’s a reason why Pot-Nets homeowners love their manufactured homes - it comes down to the benefits:

Strict building codes

Manufactured homes are constructed to comply with strict in-factory building codes developed by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that regulate and ensure a high level of performance in design and construction. Strength, durability, energy efficiency and safety are all factors that are strictly regulated when building manufactured homes. Every home is inspected at the factory for compliance with the HUD code throughout the manufacturing process.

Controlled environment

 In a factory environment, all aspects of the construction process are controlled. The weather doesn't interfere or cause delays, all workers are efficiently supervised and inventory expenses are secured.


 When you think of factory-made, you shouldn’t think of one-and-the-same. You can customize your manufactured home in the same way that  you would customize a conventional, site-built home. You’ll be able to select from a variety of architectural styles and interior designs, including floor plans, options and upgrades. From exterior features such as pitched roofs, bay windows, gabled fronts and attached porches to indoor features including vaulted ceilings, arched doorways, drywall, fireplaces, hardwood floors and walk-in closets, manufactured homes are aesthetically indistinguishable from conventional site-built homes. Just like conventional homes, there’s a manufactured home to fit almost every lifestyle and budget.

Cost benefit

Perhaps the biggest benefit to homeowners of manufactured homes is that all of the perks come at a lower price tag. You’re not giving up anything for the sake of affordability - manufactured homes still provide a high quality, customizable home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. The price of manufactured homes are typically one-third to one-half the cost of comparable site built homes, with less closing costs and taxes that are conventionally associated with a site-built home, once again proving that quality can go hand-in-hand with affordability.

At Pot-Nets, we understand homeowners’ desire to get a great value without forsaking quality. Living in a Pot-Nets manufactured home means making the most of your home purchase - all while getting a great value!