It is once again that time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather! SO LETS PLAY BALL! Open enrollment for Pot-Nets Sand Lot Baseball is about to begin. Register below.

Where: Pot-Nets Park at Pot-Nets Bayside
Season: Monday, July 1st through Friday, September 6th
Boys and Girls of all ages! Pot-Nets kids may bring outside guests!

Coach Bobby Caruso is back for another summer of fun! Over the past few years, coach Bobby has grown baseball at Pot-Nets Park from a pick-up game on a sand lot, to an organized program running every night of the week. He has revitalized the infield, the outfield, and has even recruited profesionals to provide top-notch coaching.

Meet the professionals! Held August 6, for all those interested! Be part of a pro-player-parent round-table discussion! Get coaching from the best on the basics: skills, drills, throwing, catching & hitting! The following days, August 7-8, will be "Camp Days", where players will get hands on experience in all aspects of sandlot baseball!

Go up against the "Pot-Nets Park Monster Wall"! Our left field is dominated by a 24-foot high wall!

Registration: Free! Tee shirts provided by Pot-Nets and Paradise Grill!

Online Registration

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Important Dates

Player Registration: Friday, 06/28 — Sunday, 06/30
Opening Day: Monday, 07/01
Meet the Pros:

Tuesday, 08/06 - "Meet The Pro's" at Bayside Ball Field at 5pm. Autograph Signing, private instruction, and more! 

Wednesday, 08/07 - Camp Day: Younger Groups 9:00am- 11:00am, older groups 12:00pm- 2:00pm

Thursday, 08/08 - Camp Day: Younger Groups 9:00am- 11:00am, older groups 12:00pm- 2:00pm

Friday, 08/09 - Rain Date 

End of Season: Friday, 09/06

Daily Schedule

Sunday 5:00pm Open Games
Monday 5:00pm Open Games
Tuesday 5:00pm Open Games
Wednesday 5:00pm Open Games
Thursday 5:00pm Open Games
Friday 5:00pm Open Games
Saturday 5:00pm Open Games

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