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Friday, November 27, 2020
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November 2020
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Pot-Nets Communities

"Back in the 60's, when school let out until Labor Day, in most families mothers and children would come and stay throughout the summer and fathers would commute on the weekends. The roads were dirt and sand, and the swimming hole was located across the lagoon from Hillenwood Road near the beach. Robert Langshaw on River Road would have a block party every Saturday night. He would set up his drums and a few of his friends had other musical instruments. It was a time when literally all of the families and the children in Pot-Nets knew each other." 
- Robert W. Tunnell, Sr.
Chilly temperatures have quickly moved across Delmarva, meaning it is time to start taking the necessary steps for winter weather. 

Here are a few tips you can follow to prepare for the winter season:

  • Winterize outside water spigots
  • Put away outdoor grills and furniture
  • Remove outside lighting that may be damaged in icy conditions (i.e. string lighting)
  • Test heating, if you have not done so already
  • Seal any drafty windows
  • Clean gutters! This will help prevent ice buildup. 
Water will be turned off at the marina's around the middle of this month.This date my move pending on if the weather shifts warmer or colder, but we urge slip-holders to expect winterization of the marinas within the next 1-2 weeks. 

Now is a great time to plan to have your boat winterized. Please view the local options are listed below for your convenience:

Shorts Marine- Long Neck, DE

WMF Watercraft & Marine- Long Neck, DE

Pontoon Express- Harbeson, DE

All residents are reminded that vacant lots are not an acceptable place to dump leaves from your yard.

Please dispose of your leaves the proper way, in your yard waste recycling cans. Alternatively, you may utilize a yard care service or take the leaves to a recycling center, such as Blue Hen Organics 

Shout out to Couch Bobby, Babs and Cody for keeping the Pot-Nets Sandlot spirit alive at the Space Coast Stadium in Melbourne, Florida!

It broke our hearts to have COVID put the brakes on our 2020 season, and are hopeful that we can welcome the return of the Pot-Nets Sandlot Baseball program in 2021. 

Mingo Mondays - Nov 9, 16, 23, 30
- Chance to win some awesome prizes!
- Burger Night $7.99
- Military Monday 20% off your check

Music - Friday, November 6th
- Cocktails at 3 Band

Sundays - Game Day Specials

All proper social distancing and guidelines, required by the state, will be followed as always. 

For information regarding Paradise Pub specials and upcoming events, visit their Facebook page using the button below!
Paradise Grill Facebook
November 7 - SoDel Cares Virtual/In-Person 5K
Please join us for SoDel Cares’ Second Annual 5k. This year’s event will be both virtual and in person, with limited in person spots. In person extras will include a grab and go post race breakfast and a beer or soda. All proceeds benefit SoDel Cares, the philanthropic arm of SoDel Concepts, which is committed to supporting organizations that help children, at risk youth and adults and the elderly in our communities. To secure an in person or virtual spot, and for details please click on the following link:

November 11 - Spanish/Italian Wine Dinner at the Clubhouse at Baywood
Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood in Longneck for a fabulous five course hybrid Spanish/Italian Wine Dinner!! Chris Lowery, of famed Wilson Daniels along with Jessica Janssen of Bacchus Importers, will be hosting and educating you on these awesome wines from Spain and Italy. Chef Ryan has put together an awesome five course menu to match these killer wines. Tables will be spaced for social distancing. Call 302-947-9225 to make your reservation.

November 26 - Thanksgiving
Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood for Thanksgiving dinner! Chef Ryan will be featuring an in-house buffet served by our attendants and 3 delicious carry out dinners that serve 4-6 people. Pastry Chef Dru has put together an assortment of holiday treats and pies that can be added on to your meal. Call 302-947-9225 to make your reservation or to place your curbside pickup order! 

Our Happy Hour is offered daily from 3pm to 6pm and features amazing specials, like $1 Raw Oysters and $6 Crushes!

Looking for a new (or new to you) home? Check out some of our personal favorites!
3133 Mimosa Cove, Lakeside Bay Farm Road

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,680 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more! 

517 White Heron Road, Bayside

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,152 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more! 

Homes are selling quick at Pot-Nets! Here are just a few of the homes that have closed recently:
59 Captains Walk, Seaside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,620 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

32 Sandy Lane, Coveside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,456 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

Late Season Gardening
By Joya Parsons
The temperatures are dipping and the leaves are changing colors, but that doesn’t mean the gardening season is over. For the enthusiastic gardener, there is still plenty to enjoy in the garden well into late fall and winter.

Spring may get the glory for the abundance of flowering trees and bulbs that follow the bare winter landscape, but there are plenty of flowers that will shine well past Labor Day.

One of the most obvious flower choices for late-season bloom are those in the Aster family. Most asters are going to fall in the color scheme of lavender to white, but in habit and bloom time they vary greatly. You can create an astounding sea of lavender-blue blooms from late summer into late fall by combining varieties with different bloom times and habits- for instance ‘Monch’ Aster to bloom in the middle of a border in August and September, followed by the shorter ‘Little Carlow’ Aster from September to October, and finally the large ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ Aster to carry the bloom from October into November.

Some Asters, such as ‘Snow Flurry’ Heath Aster, only grow a few inches tall and can spread out as a groundcover that will be blanketed with starry white blooms in September and October. Others, like Tatarian Aster or our native Frost Aster, both of which can reach over 6 feet tall, lend an imposing structureto the back of a border.

Another perennial flower that can be dramatic in the fall landscape are the hardy garden mums. Related to the common mums that you can buy at the garden center this time of year, these flowers are reliably hardy in the landscape, where they take on a more relaxed, open habit than their garden center cousins. They begin to bloom in late September and will keep on going until the first frosts. ‘Hillside Sheffield’s Pink’ is one of the best known and most planted varieties. It produces masses of starry, apricot-pink blooms. ‘White Bomb’ is another variety, whose low growing habit makes it a good choice for a flowering groundcover. Other varieties include the soft orange ‘Campfire Glow,’ and the lavender ‘Cambodian Queen.’

Other late flowering perennials for the fall garden are the Rudbeckias. There are many varieties of this old-fashioned favorite, but for late season bloom, Rudbeckia fulgida or ‘Brown Eyed Susan’ is the best. There are cultivars such as ‘Goldsturm’ that will begin to bloom in August and others such as R. fulgida var. fulgida that will bloom until late October.

Another impressive fall flower is Monkshood. While not quite as easy maintenance as the previous mentions, if given a sheltered space with plenty of moisture, Monkshood blooms in October and November with extraordinarily intense blue flowers.

No discussion of Autumn interest in the garden would be complete without taking into account the brilliant colors of senescent leaves. One of the most striking examples of perennials with great fall color is Arkansas Bluestar (Amsonia hubrichtii), whose thread-like foliage takes on intense hues of orange and bright yellow in October and November. Blue Leadwort (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) and Creeping Raspberry (Rubus calycinoides) are two groundcovers that take on vivid red shades as the days get cooler. Beardstongue and Sedum are two other perennials with exceptional fall color. Many shrubs also have striking fall pigments. Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia) turns bright yellow, ‘Autumn Jazz’ Viburnum (Viburnum dentatum ‘Autumn Jazz’) takes on hues of yellow and burgundy-red, and Virginia Sweetspire (Itea virginica) turns intensely, fiery red.

Evergreens, too, can begin to take center stage at this time of year. Brightly variegated leaves, such as those on ‘Goshiki’ False Holly or Variegated Aucuba can come to the forefront of the garden as summer fades, as can the myriad textures and colors of evergreen False Cypress (Chamaecyparis spp.). Some evergreens, such as ‘Gulftide’ Osmanthus, with its profusion of tiny, honey-scented, late fall blooms, or Sasanqua Camellias with their beautiful flowers in shades of red, pink and white, can carry a garden’s flowering season until well past frost.

In fall and early winter, ornamental grasses can provide considerable visual interest in the garden. Strongly vertical grassessuch as Big Bluestem, Indian Grass or ‘Karl Foerster’ Calamagrostis can provide an interesting backdrop for fall blooming perennials. Arching, fountain-like grasses like ‘Skyracer’ Moor Grass or ‘Dewey Blue’ Panic Grass can look spectacular with the sun sparkling through their airy seed heads.

The spent seed heads of summer’s perennial flowers can also provide interest in the late season landscape. Not only do songbirds, such as goldfinches, love the seeds of Coneflower and Rudbeckias, but the dried seeds heads of these and other flowers take on a new visual significance as the season progresses and they begin to take on the dew and the frost, catching and reflecting light in all directions. Leaving these structures up throughout the late season is also helpful for the praying mantises who lay their eggs on the stems, and the moths such as the Luna and Emperor.
The garden doesn’t quit just because temperatures are getting chilly. With a little planning and an eye for how the features of a space may progress through the seasons, our landscapes can be places of extraordinary beauty throughout the year. 

Delaware Tree Stewardship Program
The Delaware Tree Stewardship program connects Delawareans to their landscapes through the acts of planting and caring for trees. Our trees and forests are essential in protecting the lands and waters of the First State. By training and empowering citizens locally, we can ensure Delaware has a greener future.
There will be four, one-hour online workshops in November that will teach participants about several topics including, proper tree care, tree biology, how to assess a site and organizing tree planting events. The goal is to create a core group of volunteers to help with increasing tree canopy and healthy tree management statewide. This is a great opportunity to connect with experts and learners alike.
Sign up for the training below!
"THANK YOU ....  THANK YOU ...THANK YOU  for all you do everyday. We appreciate your efforts to keep us all safe."
- Anonymous Lakeside Resident
"Love the community! My family and I always enjoy ourselves when we are here."
- Danielle, Pot-Nets Resident
"Our family has enjoyed Pot-Nets and all the amenities for over 15 years and plan to continue as long as possible."
- Audrey, Pot-Nets Resident
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