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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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February 2021
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Pot-Nets Communities

"John Rogers Sr. and John Rogers Jr. (Johnny) have done all of the bulkheading, boat slips, and boardwalk at Tunnell Communities except for the initial 1,000' which was done by someone else. In all of the communities, there are 44,300' (8.4 miles) of bulkheading, 1,506 boat slips and 12,700' (2.4 miles) of boardwalk. Ultimately, with rebuilding and replacement, Johnny built 83,000' of bulkheading (15.7 miles), 23,000' of boardwalk (4.4 miles) for a total of 106,000' (20 miles) and 2,900 boat slips!

The vast majority of this was done by Johnny and his crew. No one could build bulkheading like Johnny. He could wind, bend and curve to get that serpentine look. The quality was always 100%. He is quite the character. He is well known and well-liked by many people. He loves to hunt. He is a waterman who understands the bays. He is a man of integrity. He is one of a kind."

(In February of 2017, Johnny passed away 3 months short of his 88th birthday. Over 700 people attended his viewing and memorial service.)

- Robert W. Tunnell, Sr.
Enjoy dinner for the whole family while supporting a great cause! Purchase a Moe's Family Taco Kit which includes everything you need for a delicious dinner at home!

Each kit feeds 4-6 and includes: 

  • 12 tortilla shells
  • Choice of 2 proteins
  • Cheese
  • Pico
  • Lettuce
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole
  • Grilled onions
  • Grilled peppers
  • A bowl of rice
  • A bowl of black beans
  • Chips
  • Salsa
  • And a bowl of Moe's Famous Queso!

Just $39.99!

You can also order additional bowls of Guac or Queso online!

When you choose "Which Neighborhood Popup", be sure to pick "LLS Crushing Cancer 4a Cause 2/9".

Pickup Location: 
Lakeside Community Center
33076 Rock Cove, Millsboro, DE 19966
Time: Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 @ 4:45pm - 5:15pm 
For every kit sold, $10 will be donated to Crushing Cancer 4 a Cause, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Place your order by 10am on Tuesday, February 9th to support a great cause!

Place Order
Note: When picking up your order, simply stay in your vehicle, provide us your name, and we will bring your order to you!
If you're not able to make dinner, please consider donating to this wonderful organization at the link below.
Click Here To Donate
Graphic provided by Mcdonald Law Firm
Please help us congratulate Baywood Greens Golf Course for receiving Golf Advisor's Golfers Choice Award for one of the "Best Courses In Delaware"!

Baywood Greens took 2nd place out of all courses in Delaware, based on Golf Advisor's community of reviewers. 

To view the list of winners, visit the link below. 

Golfers Choice 2021 Awards
For information regarding Paradise Pub specials and upcoming events, visit their Facebook page using the button below!
Paradise Grill Facebook
Weekly Specials  |  Available for Dine In and Curbside Carryout
Open to the public 7 days a week for lunch and dinner
Monday: $19 CrabCake Night

Tuesday: Date Night- Dinner for 2 and a Bottle of Wine for $45
Wednesday: $10 Burger Night
Thursday: 1/2 Price Entrees
Friday: 1/2 Price Bottles of Wine
Sunday: $19 Sunday Supper

Valentine's Happenings at Baywood
Sweet Valentine Floral Workshop | February 6th 1PM-3PM

Join us for an afternoon of hands-on, floral design creating a sweet, simple Valentine's theme arrangement! We will use florals in pinks, reds, and white- designed in a simple glass vase for you to take home and enjoy! Visit sodelconcepts.com/events for more information and tickets.

Funny Valentine Floral Workshop | February 13th 1PM-3PM
Come have fun with even more flowers in our first Intermediate class! We will be designing with flowers in pinks, reds, and burgundies, featuring the incredible "Hearts" garden roses- all in a lovely glass vase for you to take home and enjoy! This class is open to all skill levels! Visit sodelconcepts.com/events for more information and tickets.

Valentine's Day Virtual Wine Dinner with Scarpetta Wines | February 14th 5PM-8PM
Join us from the comfort of your own home for a special Valentine’s Day virtual wine dinner with Italian sensation Scarpetta Wines! Chris Zimmerman, the West Coast Regional Sales Manager, will be streaming to us live and our Corporate Chefs Doug Ruley and Dru Tevis, have put together an awesome four course menu to match. Make you reservations now as this dinner will sell out.Visit sodelconcepts.com/events for more information and tickets.

Flowers For Your Valentine's Dinner 
Pair your beautiful, simple meal with either a single rose, half a dozen roses or one dozen roses for your Valentine. Available for dine in or carryout meals. Pre-order by February 12. Call (302)947-9225 for more information. 

Looking for anew (or new to you) home? Check out some of our personal favorites!
633 Canvasback Drive, Bayside

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,178 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

1078 Crab Alley East, Creekside

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,768 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

Homes are selling quick at Pot-Nets! Here are just a few of the homes that have closed recently:
55 Teal Road, Dockside
2 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,352 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

2718 Oakwood Cove, Lakeside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 2,156 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

Shady Turf
By Cameron Marcelle
I have met and spoke with many homeowners who want a lawn to be able to do all the things that you can do on a lawn.  But when you have large trees in the yard, casting shade for most of the day, you are in for a battle.  Shade that comes from trees is the worst kind because not only does it shade your lawn, but the trees also compete for moisture, whereas shade from buildings is usually not that much of an issue.  Basically, it comes down to wanting a lawn in the woods.  Depending on what types of trees, and how many, will determine if it is possible.  Most lawn or turf type grasses need four to six hours of direct sun to survive. Shady grass types will grow if they are still getting that minimum of four hours, but the good part is that it does not have to be full sun. Four to six hours of dappled or filtered sunlight can work as well for a shady lawn mix. 

If I look down and see moss growing I am usually quick to say, why don’t you just plant it with some shade loving shrubs and perennials, are you really going to occupy this space or is it something to view from the window?  I then try to remember that I am biased, and I would rather have the plants, especially if I can go down the street and use an open space, covered in turf, built for everyone to share that I do not have to take care of.  If it is possible and the answer is “I still want a lawn”, then there are some options.  You can find different seed mixes for shade available at hardware stores, garden centers, Southern States, etc.  You can find all kinds of advice on how to maintain them online or, if you are lucky, from someone who has an established lawn in the shade. 

This brings me to the point of this article that I wanted to share with you.  I read something recently that went against one rule that I have heard over and over regarding growing lawns in the shade.  That one rule is:  Mow high.  Because plants (your lawn) are starving for light, the idea is that you set your mower for a higher cutting height so that plants have more leaf area to capture more sunlight.  So, mowing high in a shady lawn would normally reduce the amount of time spent on mowing.  But the story I read, mentioned that their grass was mowed short, less than 1”!  In the spring months, the grass was mowed every 3-4 days and then once a week in the summer and fall.  This produced a thicker carpet of short grass that had more leaf surface than a thinner stand of turf with taller blades.  Normally, you might hear that cutting your lawn short encourages shallow rooting, because all the plants’ efforts are spent in regrowing the top.  And let me point out that some varieties of the same type of turfgrass respond better to shorter mowing, that not all Kentucky Bluegrass is the same for example.  Now this lawn was also watered routinely once a week in the summer for about an hour or more – remember, any lawn (sun or shade) will do better with infrequent, deep watering rather than frequent, short run times.  Deep watering also helps provide the competing trees the water they need rather than stealing it from the turf.


"We just moved into and we love it here, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming!"

- Roberta, Pot-Nets Resident

"I absolutely love driving around each of our Pot Nets communities seeing all the beautiful homes. It is so wonderful seeing how each home has its own unique character and way they interpret the beach life."

- Lynn, Pot-Nets Resident

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Coveside / Creekside / Dockside Trash Collection Schedule
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