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Saturday, February 15, 2020
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February 2020
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Pot-Nets Communities

1962 at Fisherman's Park
(Pot-Nets Dockside)
"At Fishermen's Park, we built 2 concrete block buildings in about 1962. On the right hand side of the entrance was a shop for Joe Kohler to workon boats and specifically outboard engines. There was a gas pump at the end of the lagoon. He was a very capable mechanic and did well. To the left of the entrance is the 1981-1983 office of Tunnell Companies "apartment" which was a restaurant. It opened in 1965 and was called Kohler's Restaurant. It opened at 4:00 a.m. to get patrons who were going to Massey's Landing. In the 60s and 70s, 90% of the residents were from Pottstown and the remainder from Reading, PA. Melvin Joseph dug the lagoon as you enter the park in 1964.

On May 13, 1964, I bought the west side of Fishermen's Park, 6 acres, from Bill Weller. This land adjoined the Crook Farm on the north side of Long Neck Road. Bill Weller dug the lagoon on the west side in 1952. His was the first marina to offer gas and bait & tackle supplies to the public on Long Neck. Massey's started in 1956. His store was a wooden building located near the current gazebo along Ronan T. Pond."

- Robert W. Tunnell, Sr.
Look out for the road detours in Bayside, near Half Shell & Canvasback Roads. We are renovating the storm drains and roads in that area. Please drive with caution through this area, and watch for the signs and traffic controls.
You may have noticed crews working near the entrance to Pot-Nets Creekside. We are in the process of building perimeter berms around Creekside, with landscaping, trees and other features.  This should look great after we get a full growing season behind us!
Pot-Nets crews have started demolition of the buildings in the Seaside maintenance compound at the end of Barn Lane. A few trees will also be removed, and the fence line will be cleaned up.  At this time, there are no plans for anything else at this location, just removing old buildings that have reached the end of their lifespan. 
Presented by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
A Boating Skills and Seamanship course will be held at Short's Marine starting on Monday, February 24, 2020. The course consists of seven sessions from 7:00pm to 9:00pm each Monday. 

Boat handling, navigation aids and rules, required safety equipment, trailering, local navigation issues, and other topics important to the recreational boater will be presented and discussed by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. 

This course satisfies all Federal and State training requirements for recreational boaters. Students are awarded a certficate from the USCG Auxiliary, and a Safe Boating ID card from the State of Delaware upon successful completion, 

The cost is $25.00 per student and includes your textbook and all materials. The cost for students that own or can share their textbook is $10. 

To register, contact R.A. (Andy) Smith at (302) 381-3882 or (302) 537-2350. 

Make a date with your tennis shoes! 
Multiple Sclerosis Walk- Lakeside
Saturday, May 16, 2020
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Help us support the 2020 Sandlot Baseball program! We have a limited supply of 2018 t-shirts left, and your purchase will go directly towards baseball supplies for our players!

Visit the Pot-Nets Main Office today to pick up your 2018 Sandlot Shirt for just $20!

Just a reminder that the new Uniform Community Guidelines are effective on February 1st. A paper copy of the Guidelines was sent to each household at the end of November. Click the link below to download a searchable PDF version.
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Check out the latest winter specials below:

Mondays- Mingo & Burger Night- Feb 3, 10, 17, 24
Tuesdays- Taco Tuesday Specials- Feb 4, 11, 18, 25
Thursdays- Pasta Night- Feb 6, 13, 20, 27
Superbowl Sunday- Game Day Deals- Feb 2

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, February 22- Chili Cook Off
More details coming soon but for now here are the basics:

*No Cover but a $10 donation gets you a wrist band and the chance to try the great chili from the 10 competing restaurants. You will also receive your judges ballot, which you will use to vote for your favorite chili.
*Drink Specials Galore at the bars
*50/50 and giveaways
*21+ as always at the pub

If you would like to enter email [email protected] ASAP. This is strictly first come first serve for the 10 spots, so don't wait, email Johnny now.

Be sure to follow Paradise Pub on Facebook for the most current news on bands, food specials and events.

Upcoming Events

February 1st: Wine Luncheon- 12:30pm

February 7th: Live Music performed by Mike Garvilla- 5pm to 8pm 

February 8th: Italian Wine Dinner- 6pm
Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood for a night out in Italy! We will be joined by Italian wine expert Keith Murphy who is the portfolio specialist for Leonardo LoCascio Selections and The Winebow Group. He will be speaking about the wonderful world of Italy. Chef Ryan has created a beautiful five course dinner to pair with five amazing wines.

February 14th: Valentines Day at Baywood

February 21: Live Music performed by Stevie D and Sandy- 5pm to 8pm

Looking for a new (or new to you) home? Check out some of our personal favorites!
2601 Nannyberry Cove, Lakeside
Spacious Kitchen!

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,680 sq. ft. 

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3133 Mimosa Cove- Lakeside
Conventional Financing Available!

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,680 sq. ft. 

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Homes are selling quick at Pot-Nets! Here are just a few of the homes that have closed recently:
849 Minnow Lane- Bayside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,344 sq. ft. 

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49 West Pintail- Dockside
3 Beds/ 1 Bath - 1,308 sq. ft. 

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1112 Colony Drive South, Creekside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,734 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

(Part 3)
By Cameron Marcelle
Part Three of my mulching rant (and our mulching season) has begun!  We are edging, raking and mulching throughout all of the communities, and will continue through March. 

We ended our last article with a question: 

What else can we do (either in replacement of, or in addition to, mulching in the spring) to make our landscapes look good? 

Again, the last part of the question is the problem: What "looks good?"

We will discuss some alternative ideas and their benefits.  One obvious alternative is use of a better mulch.  A mulch that breaks down over the growing season, but still provides the same benefits as a hardwood mulch. Consider using leaf mold.  It needs a better name, I know, but this stuff is great.  Leaf mold is simply leaves that have sat and decomposed slightly over time.  It is dark brown to black in color and smells great – no kidding.  You can make your own leaf mold if you have a compost area, or you may be able to purchase from some local retailers.  Leaf mold is similar to compost, but not identical.  Compost is usually finer in texture, and can be a great mulch, but has its drawbacks with appearance.
Some other mulches to consider include bark mulch and root mulch.  Both can break down a little quicker than the regular wood mulch.  I love using pine needles as a mulch.  Typically, we try to use pine needles only in areas where we have pine trees growing, because we have a "free" refreshing every year as new needles drop.  However, I have also used pine needles in areas where there aren’t any pine trees growing.  Pine needles do not crust over like a hardwood mulch can. They do break down slowly, but will last a very long time and can acidify the soil. Leaf mold, compost, bark and root mulch, pine needles all need to be reapplied and refreshed periodically.

I tend to stay away from inorganic mulches like stone or decorative gravel, unless there aren’t any plants growing in the area, or there are plants that I know will do well surrounded by stone.   

What can we do to reduce or even eliminate the time it takes to mulch?

We can put more plants in the ground.  We can choose plants that take the place of mulch and still provide an attractive landscape.  If not more plants, then we choose plants that will cover the ground and grow together to form a living mulch.  Planting and designing for “plant communities” is something rather new that I have recently become excited about. 

Speaking with Roy Diblik, author of “Know Maintenance Perennials,” I was struck by his story of realization that in some remnant prairies, you can find 18-24 different species of plants growing together in one square meter.  In contrast, some of our modern landscapes have an equal ratio of plants versus mulch.  I began to wonder how we could plant this way, geared towards perennial plantings, but also at a larger scale including trees and shrubs as well.

We will cover some of the specific plants and techniques for planting this way next month.

Happy Gardening!

Summer is approaching fast! Do you have family coming in town? Have a friend come down for a fun night at the pub? Consider a Pot-Nets vacation rental!
471 Beach Walk
4 Bedroom, 3 Bath
Occupancy: 10
2- day minimum.
Book 471 Beach Walk
489 Salty Air
4 Bedroom, 4 Bath
Occupancy: 10
2- day minimum.
Book 489 Salty Air
522 Ever Dream
4 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath
Occupancy: 10
2- day minimum.
Book 522 Ever Dream

Give your Sweetie the gift of A Lifetime of Memories this Valentine’s Day - a Freedom Boat Club membership! Enjoy making memories on the water with your spouse, your family and your friends and never have to worry about cleaning, maintenance, repairs, or even choosing which boat to buy. You can have them all and we do all the work for you!


We buy the boats, you own the water! Conveniently located at PotNets Bayside Marina #2, Freedom BoatClub has a variety of boats and over 200 other locations where you can enjoy getting out on the water.


Contact Rob at (302) 644-5998 or [email protected] for more information.

"First of all I would like to thank you and your men [Land Sculptors] for the work on River Road with the road and the storm sewer. They were very both informative and professional. It is much better this year normal high tides are not an issue and its draining well." 
- Nick, Pot-Nets Bayside Resident

"Thank you for watching my house while I was away for a funeral. My neighbors said that Security was there every day and would wave at them thru the window. Thank you for keeping an eye on things!" 
- Janet, Pot-Nets Bayside Resident

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