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Sunday, December 27, 2020
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December 2020
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Pot-Nets Communities

"Since the Pot-Nets beach restoration was a success, and had the full support of DNREC and the Corp of Engineers, we did the restoration and enhancement of the Indian Landing beach in 1997. The lagoons at Indian Landing (Pot-Nets Seaside) did not need to be deepened and, therefore, we had to use a different method to build the beach area. We had to literally haul the sand in by truck. It was approximately 2,000 truck loads of sand that we brought from David Horsey from Hardscrabble. We initially started stockpiling the sand along Sandpiper Road towards the Bait & Tackle. Then, we had a bulldozer from Melvin Joseph (Buck, the Operator) spread the sand out into the water. The shoreline oif Indian Landing was reinforced with rip rap (rock) and then we installed jettys and breakwaters along the beach area. Once again, this was a significant undertaking. Indian Landing is much better today with this work being completed." 
- Robert W. Tunnell, Sr.
Lewes Lights
Tuesday, December 1st to Thursday Dec 31st (5pm-9pm)

"Lewes Lights" is a fun & free community activity for all to enjoy. Lewes, Delaware homeowners are invited to decorate their home exteriors for the holiday season. On December 1st, a driving tour map of decorated homes within the City of Lewes will be provided to the public for all to enjoy throughout December. People's choice awards will be awarded based on public vote.

Rehoboth Santa Ride
Thursday, December 3rd at 4:30pm

Downtown Rehoboth Beach, that is! We're so excited to announce that we JUST spoke to Santa and he will be making a special trip in a firetruck from the North Pole! So come downtown to Shop & Dine for the Holidays as Santa will be making rounds on impromptu routes all over downtown Rehoboth to say hello and for all to see him! Even through the neighborhoods!

Millsboro Christmas Celebration
Saturday, December 5th at 5:00pm

Floats, vehicles, and other parade entries will display their float at the Millsboro Town Center at 322 Wilson Highway. A drive-in-style tree lighting will occur at the Town Center, accompanied by live music and free milk and cookies! 

Georgetown Topsy Turvy Christmas Parade
Tuesday, December 15th from 7 – 8:30pm

Join us as we turn the tables on the traditional Christmas Parade. You will “drive-by” our stationary displays/floats and more on the circle. Listen to Christmas Music from DJ Sky Brady and wave to Santa on the 2nd floor balcony of the Brick Hotel. Not your typical Christmas Parade BUT it is all about the spirit and joy of the community and the holiday! 

The Word of Hope Church on Long Neck Road is hoping to bring the community together this holiday season, in the form of a couple events, shown below:
The Word of Hope Church will be accepting homemade cookies for its first annual Homemade Cookie Drive. This event will deliver cookies to the various Fire, EMS, and Police agencies that protect Pot-Nets communities, their families, businesses, and guests.

How You Can Help: 
Bake homemade cookies, packaged by the dozen in zip lock bags

When Should They Be Delivered: 
Sunday, December 13 between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

Where They Should Be Delivered To:  

Word of Hope Church
32422 Long Neck Rd.
Millsboro, DE 19966
(302) 945-0900

Individuals or families may donate as many dozens of cookies that they wish, but must be packaged in single dozen packages. A greeting card stating, “Thank you for serving us when we need you the most” and closed with ”The Communities of Pot Nets and Word of Hope Church” will be included.

Please click below to pledge your cookie donations! 

Contact Word of Hope Church
Join us at Pot-Nets Lakeside on to partake in Christmas Caroling!

Saturday, December 19th at 5:00pm

Starting at the Lakeside Gazebo, then moving to various locations around Lakeside (see below)

What Can We Bring?: 
We ask any with golf carts to help move us around the community share their carts with those with mobility challenges.

We will meetat the Lakeside Gazebo, sing a few songs, then move around Lakeside to sing. Singing will take place around various parts of Lakeside, primarily in front of homes of residents with mobility or health issues.

We hope many residents of Pot Nets will join us. 

If you have questions regarding the Cookie Drive or Christmas Caroling Event, contact Pastor Ted Boggs using the e-mail button below. 
Contact Word of Hope Church
Matthew Trucks captured this stunning photo of Pot-Nets Seaside, and was featured as one of the winners in Delaware Beach Life Magazine's Photography Contest!

Congratulations, Matt - Thanks for showing the true beauty of Pot-Nets! 

December Music Lineup:

Captain Mike - Friday, December 4th


Dale Teat - Saturday December 5th

Brian McConnell - Friday, December 11th

Lower Case Blues

Brian McConnell - Saturday December 26th

All proper social distancing and guidelines, required by the state, will be followed as always. 

For information regarding Paradise Pub specials and upcoming events, visit their Facebook page using the button below!
Paradise Grill Facebook
Bogle Vineyards Wine Dinner at The Clubhouse at Baywood  |  December 16th at 6pm
Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood in Longneck on December 16th for a fabulous five course Wine Dinner with Bogle Vineyards!! East Coast Brand Manager, Robbie LaBlanc  along with Paul Karp of Vintage Importers, will be hosting and educating us on these amazing value wines from California. Chef Ryan has put together a wonderful five course menu to match these killer wines. There will be LIVE music from Robbie. Tables will be spaced for social distancing. Make you reservations now as this dinner will sell out. For questions and reservations call (302)947-9225

Weekly Specials  |  Available for Dine In and Curbside Carryout
Monday: $19 CrabCake Night
Tuesday: Date Night- Dinner for 2 and a Bottle of Wine for $45
Wednesday: $10 Burger Night
Thursday: 1/2 Price Entrees
Friday: 1/2 Price Bottles of Wine
Sunday: $19 Sunday Supper 

Looking for a new (or new to you) home? Check out some of our personal favorites!
E-902 Pontoon Road, Bayside

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,366 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more! 

E-750 Fleet Street, Bayside

4 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,792 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more! 

Homes are selling quick at Pot-Nets! Here are just a few of the homes that have closed recently:
1362 Gull Drive North, Creekside
2 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,260 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

2900 Castaway Cricle, Lakeside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,456 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

Lawn Alternatives
By Cameron Marcelle
I am so happy I am not a lawn nut.  Spending so much time, either mine or paying someone else to spend theirs, to maintain my lawn along with the fertilizers, pesticides and supplemental water is crazy.  I have a little turf left in the front yard that I probably will get rid of once the kids are gone.  It takes about 20 minutes to push mow and my son does that.  It is a mixture of whatever is growing - is growing.
I do think turf has its place, like a golf course, sports fields, parks, some historic gardens, and I am sure there might be others, but not the entire lot of every yard in suburban America.  Front yards are usually on display for your neighbors, meant not to offend, but to fit in.  People do not really use their front yards like they use the side or back yards.  That is because you are on display too when you are out there.  So, without going into the design aspect, let’s assume that you want to have something that looks like a lawn (low growing and wide open), but you don’t want to waste the time and materials it takes to maintain a typical lawn. 
I am asked a lot by homeowners to put sod, usually tall fescue, down in a lot of places thatI know it just will not do well and will probably last a few years before it just disappears. These are shady places, found with moss and pebbles exposed on the surface of the extremely sandy soils before we arrive.  We will start with these areas first because they are more difficult to find anything that will grow well and look presentable without spending a lot of time nurturing it along to establishment.  Remember, we are talking about things that look like grass, but are not the typical choices.  So, there is one answer: Carex. Carex is a true sedge that offers a lot of choices from dry to wet, a few different colors, overall size, and textures. Most Carex available can fall into three different groups:  sedges from Asia, sedges from New Zealand and native sedges which I would recommend.  We have done well here with Carex pensylvanica and Carex eburnea for dry shady areas.
For the sunnier areas and where the soil may hold more moisture, the choices grow substantially.  Especially if you are willing to grow something a little taller than three inches and willing to let it look a little shaggier than a clipped lawn.  I will mention a few favorites of mine.  Sporobolis heterolepis is a taller, clump forming, warm season grass that is spectacular.  Now it is a taller choice of grass, over 2’ tall.  But it is very easy to grow and mixes well with other grasses and perennials.  Eragrostis spectabilis, or Purple love grass, is another favorite.  This is a tough native warm season grass that does well in exposed sunny sites.  It tops out at 2’ tall, but that is including the seed heads, the grassy part of the plant is much shorter. 

The last grass I will mention is Sesleria autumnalis.  It is not a native, but it is a great cool season grass that does resemble tall fescue if it were left uncut to grow.  This one is new for me and we have it in a few different spots where it is doing well, mostly sun to part shade in somewhat dry locations. 


"Thank you for the amazing service you provided getting a sign removed from my property that was no longer necessary. This was completed in less than 24 hours from my call."

- David, Pot-Nets Resident

"Thank you for doing my request from yesterday in regard to a large tree branch in the road! Our Landscaping crew is awesome."

- Christine, Pot-Nets Resident

The best way to show Public Safety that you appreciate them is to feed them!  Pot-Nets Residents Maureen & Ronald dropped off 3 trays from Edible Arrangements to the Public Safety Office, and said that they were very appreciative of our presence late at night as Maureen walks the dog. Without fail, she always sees our patrol vehicles go by - making her feel safe at night. It's great to be recognized! Great job!

Bayside Trash Collection Schedule
Coveside / Creekside / Dockside Trash Collection Schedule
Seaside Trash Collection Schedule
Lakeside Trash Collection Schedule 
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