August 2020
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Pot-Nets Communities

Check out this 1963 postcard from Eolyne Tunnell to her parents. Do you think this thing caught on? 
We need to keep our guard up against COVID-19.  It has not yet gone away. We remain in Phase 2 of the Reopening Guidance.  You can help us get to Phase 3 faster by following some basic public health precautions. 
We all want to get to the point where we can drop the masks, send kids to school, stand at a bar, or go to a baseball game.  There are still too many businesses that are closed or restricted.  Help them get back open again.  Other states have had to go backwards.  Let’s go forward and do what we must to move into Phase 3 of our economic recovery. 
While around our neighbors we need to follow the “General” guidelines promoted by the Department of Public Health:
  1. Stay home when sick
  2. Maximize physical distance from those in other households
  3. Wear a face covering when unable to maintain 6-feet distance from those in other households
  4. Wash hands with soap and water frequently, or use hand sanitizer
  5. Clean high-touch surfaces like door knobs, counters or faucets frequently
We would like to thank Seaside Resident Moe Koskinas for his work helping to organize and coordinate their watch group for the past few years.

Kathy Rhoads has now taken the helm of the Coveside, Dockside & Seaside Neighborhood Watch.  She is always looking for additional volunteers.  Call her at (215) 669-5827 to help. This is a great way to help your community remain safe and pleasant. 

The Coveside Dockside Seaside (CDS) HOA is having a Drive-In movie night!

Not sure what the feature flick is yet, but bring your golf car, lawn chairs or blankets on Saturday, September 5th, 7-10pm.

Please remember to bring a mask with you, and to follow all social distancing protocols that are in effect at that time. 

This is a reminder that smoking (including vaping/e-cigarettes) is not permitted on the beach or pool facilities. 

In 2015, Delaware passed legislation that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes in all places where smoking was prohibited.  Now, according to the State Code of Delaware, you may not vape in restaurants, public buildings, any government-owned and operated buildings, hospitals, medical facilities, child care centers, and sports venues.

If you wish to smoke while enjoying our amenities, please go to the parking area to do so.  

Upcoming Yard Sale Dates:
  • CDS HOA (Coveside, Dockside, Seaside): Saturday, August 29th
  • Creekside: Saturday, August 29th
  • Lakeside:  Saturday, September 19th
  • Bayside: Date TBD
All of the Pot-Nets Marinas are "No Wake Zones".  Please slow down whether or not your boat creates a large wake.

As you enter any of the Pot-Nets Marinas, reduce your speed and reduce your wake before you reach any jetty or area of constriction.  Your wake can follow you into the marina, causing unsafe & damaging conditions to both boats and people.  Especially at risk to high wakes are boats & boaters who are in the process of casting off, or docking at their boat slips. While untied, a high wake has the potential to smash a boat into a pier, dock or bulkhead, causing injuries or boat damage.

The definition of "Slow-No Wake", per the Delaware Admin Code (3100 Boating), means as slow as possible without losing steerage way and so as to make the least possible wake. (This almost always means speeds of less than 5 miles per hour.)

As you leave any of the Pot-Nets Marinas, please don't accelerate until you are free of areas of congestion or constriction.  At certain marinas, visibility to other boats can be limited.  Boat traffic, currents, tides & winds should all be considered before your decision to accelerate.

For information regarding Paradise Grill specials and upcoming events, visit their Facebook page using the button below!
Paradise Grill Facebook
The Clubhouse at Baywood opens daily at 11am and offers happy hour in the lounge from 3pm to 6pm.

Live Music from | Every Friday  | 5pm to 8pm

Flights & Bites | August 12th | 4pm
Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood for a special Flights & Bites night with Thompson Island Brewing Company! Chef Ryan and Brewmaster Jimmy have collaborated to create 4 perfect food and beer pairings. Enjoy the pairings in house at Baywood or pick up your food and enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 
Washington State Wine Dinner | August 13th | 6PM
Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood in Longneck for a fabulous five course wine dinner featuring Bacchus Importers and the wines of Washington State! Local Manager Jessica Janssen and SoDel Somm Mike Z, will be hosting and educating you on the wines of Washington. Chef Ryan has put together an awesome five course menu. We will be sitting OUTSIDE on the veranda with tables spaced for social distancing. Make you reservations now as this dinner will sell out. 

Be sure to check out our Facebook for more information on upcoming events!

Looking for a new (or new to you) home? Check out some of our personal favorites!
820 Sandy Lane. Bayside

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,512 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more! 

155 Pine Cone Drive, Coveside

3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,768 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more! 

Homes are selling quick at Pot-Nets! Here are just a few of the homes that have closed recently:
98 East Mallard Road, Dockside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,500 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!

2894 Castaway Circle, Lakeside
3 Beds/ 2 Bath - 1,680 sq. ft. 

Click the image to learn more!


At Freedom Boat Club we are celebrating national lighthouse / lightship weekend this month!  What better way to explore our very own historic structures than up close and personal in a boat?  Take your family and friends on a scenic tour to capture photos of the Lightship Overfalls in the Lewes - Rehoboth Canal, now serving as a museum.  Anchor on a sandbar and have a picnic near the Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse, built in 1885.  

Head out towards the Atlantic Ocean to get a great view of The Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse, built in 1926 and still in service today.  Or, travel across the Delaware Bay to catch a glimpse of the Cape May Lighthouse, the oldest and tallest of the three, built in 1859. And don’t forget about Fenwick Island Lighthouse located inland, making it easily accessible for a quick visit.


For more information on how to get on the water the hassle-free way with Freedom Boat Club, call Rob Sweeney at (302)644-5998.  The boat is waiting, but summer won’t!

"Thanks for your attention and efforts on behalf of our beautiful private community."
- Lynn, Pot-Nets Lakeside Resident
"Wow! The old barn site is looking great! Thank you!"
- Pete, Pot-Nets Seaside Resident
Bayside Trash Collection Schedule
Coveside / Creekside / Dockside Trash Collection Schedule
Seaside Trash Collection Schedule
Lakeside Trash Collection Schedule 
The babies in Coveside's Osprey Nest are getting big!
Photo Credit: Joe Shoup
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