Tunnell Vision - April 2022

Saturday, April 30, 2022
Tunnell Vision Pot-Nets
April 2022
Reconstruction of the Pot-Nets Seaside Beach in 1999:

1999 work in progress...
2022 Annual Guest Parking Passes will be mailed out at the end of this month on April 28th.

One guest pass will be issued per household. Passes that are lost will not be replaced.

This is a reminder to please make sure that your mailing address is up to date. All requests to update mailing addresses must be received in writing or via email.

Residents may update their mailing address via the following methods:
  • In person at the Main Office.
  • By calling the Main Office at (302) 945-9300 to request having an address change form sent to you via mail or email.
  • By sending an email request to [email protected]
  • All mailing address change requests received via email must include the following information. Resident first and last name, community, lot number, 5-digit 911 number, street name, current mailing address that we have on file, and the updated mailing address.
A Lift For A Vet
"A Lift For A Vet" is a non-profit that aims to help disabled Veterans regain a sense of independence and alleviates difficulties of everyday life. This is done through the purchase and installation of elevators, wheelchair lifts and stair lifts. A Lift For A Vet, with the help of a few residents and Coast Guard Auxiliary members, helped to install a new wheelchair lift for a resident of Pot-Nets. 

This service is open and available to all U.S. disabled Veterans from any era both at war and peace. The only limitation is the Veteran's disability must be service connected and the Veteran must have a true need for our assistance. 
We are looking to hire Lifeguards and Pool Attendants for Summer 2022!
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We are looking for a friendly face to join our Customer Service/Front Desk Team! This is a full time position with weekends included. If you are interested in this position, or any other position within Tunnell Companies, click the buttons below.
Customer Service/Front Desk
All Other Available Positions
Spongy Moth vs. Eastern Tent Caterpillar
By Cameron Marcelle

On March 2nd of this year, the Entomological Society of America renamed the gypsy moth to the spongy moth. For me, not realizing that this name was offensive, it was kind of like finding out that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. The solar system as it was, was drilled into our heads in elementary school, now it’s changed based on science. Much like the numerous scientific plant names that have changed since I’ve been in the industry, I learned them as one name and now they’re another. For me, with plant names, I usually stick with what I learned originally, just like Pluto is the ninth planet. How long or how many generations will it take to consistently refer to something by its new name? Now that names are changing because they are offensive, maybe it will happen sooner than later. 

The spongy moth now refers to this insect’s egg casing rather than the migratory behavior of the older adult caterpillars. The caterpillars will march from the leaves, down the branches and trunk and rest in shady spots each day. The spongy moth is an invasive pest that migrated from Europe in the 1800’s. They look much like our native eastern tent caterpillar, both are about the same size, hairy, and have bands of black and brown colors with narrow yellow stripes, and blue spots. But the spongy moth also has red spots, the distinctive difference between the two. They are very harmful to deciduous hardwood trees, especially oak. The damage can range from light to near full defoliation. Most trees will survive a single infestation, but continual damage can severely stress a tree to the point where it can become susceptible to drought, cold, disease and other insects. 

The other major difference is their eating habits. Eastern tent caterpillars prefer to feed safely in their tent. Spongy moths do not make webbing and eat out in the open. After eating, they like to hide or find a nice shady spot, even on the ground or an object close by. Finally, we see the damage from our native tent caterpillars earlier than the spongy moth, which usually gives trees a chance to grow out of the damage. Tent caterpillars can become active in March compared to the April/May time of the spongy moth. 

Our state has done an excellent job on monitoring and controlling the spongy moth population. As a matter of fact, we have participated in some of these monitoring programs in the past. As mentioned, both pests can be destructive, but there are many options for control if one or both insects decide to visit your landscape.

The Pot-Nets grounds crew takes advantage of some rainy weather to pot up some perennials.  Miguel Puerta (L), Zach Moore (M), Corey Steele (R). 
Rain or shine! The guys were busy later in the day with a delivery. You know what they say about April showers... 
Check out the new classes and opportunities over at Bayside Fitness!
Chair Yoga : Friday 11AM
Bootcamp : Tuesday 5PM/ Thursday 4PM
$5/class for members
$10/class for non-members
Bayside Fitness Facebook
Paradise Pub Events
Seaside Fish House Events
Book an Event @ Seaside Fish House

The Clubhouse at Baywood  |   Dine In and Carryout Available

Open to the public 7 days a week, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with stunning views featuring amazing coastal cuisine dishes created by our team of culinary professionals. Happy hour is daily from 3pm - 6pm. Enjoy a drink on the veranda overlooking the beautiful greens or cozy up with friends & family in our intimate lounge or library room. Baywood has space for any event like a friendly happy hour, corporate retreat, holiday party or wedding.

Easter Buffet at Baywood

Join us at The Clubhouse at Baywood on Sunday, April 17th for our Easter brunch! We will be featuring a delicious buffet in the restaurant and ballroom! For more information and reservations please call (302) 947-9225 or click the button below.

Easter Reservation
There's no better time to list your Pot-Nets Home!

Inventory is moving fast- with some houses going under contract just days after being listed! Our current inventory is at an all time low, with an increasing number of interested buyers contacting our sales office daily.  

Our commission is 6%

Give our Sales Team a call today to get more information about selling your Pot-Nets home! 

Email Pot-Nets Homes
Homes are selling quick at Pot-Nets! Here are just a few of the homes that have closed recently:
E-188 Turnbuckle Street, Bayside
3 Beds / 2.5 Bath - 1,768 sq. ft. 
E-933 Rudder Road, Bayside
3 Beds / 2 Bath / 1,596 Sq. Ft.
2617 Pinebark Cove, Lakeside
3 Beds / 2 Bath - 1,560 sq. ft. 
Homes are filling up FAST with family overflow for spring. Book now!
Rental Questions

"Catnippers would like to give a "shout out" to Susan, a PotNets office front desk employee. She is quick to forward resident concerns to the Catnippers email, or call us directly if necessary, She is always willing to make a return call to the resident with an answer. "

-Bob, Executive Director at First Tee Delaware

Bayside Trash Collection Schedule
Coveside / Creekside / Dockside Trash Collection Schedule
Seaside Trash Collection Schedule
Lakeside Trash Collection Schedule 
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