Sign Removal and Updates

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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This is just your friendly public announcement!

We have replaced the signs removed in early January. They have been repainted and fixed if needed. We have temporarily removed a few more street signs in Pot-Nets Bayside for maintenance and painting. Please be aware of this when you give others driving directions to your home. The signs will be down for two to three weeks and will be put back up after they’re painted. 

Below is a list of signs that will be taken down this time.


Deck Street E154-E162
Bayberry RD 84-103
Hillenwood RD 77-83
Hillenwood and Wood Crest
Woodcrest Rd 38-75
Bayberry Rd 84-103
Flipper Rd 686-704
Piney Crest Lane 760-791
Sandy Lane 792-820
Killdeer Lane 821-845
Minnow Lane 846-856
Sandpiper Lane 867-875
Bay Road
Flipper Rd 686-704
Harbor Road
Pot Nets Bayside Pool 1
Bob White Lane 708-730
Huckleberry Lane 901-915


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