Management Team

The idea for Pot-Nets was conceived over 50 years ago, when the Robert Tunnell family, enjoying a vacation amidst the tranquil beauty of Long Neck, decided that the same experience should be made available to others.  Having the original Pot-Nets Farm in the family since the 1930’s provided the ‘where’ for this exciting concept; the question remaining was ‘how’ to make it happen.  The answer was MANUFACTURED HOUSING.  The combination of manufactured homes in a landlease community would make the bays and woods of Long Neck accessible and affordable to all. 

The creation and success of Pot-Nets in 1962 gave rise to our philosophy then and now—Pot-Nets is dedicated to providing a lifestyle of value.  To us, value means that , dollar for dollar, the vacation and retirement experience to be found in our communities cannot be equaled anywhere.  To us, value means that we can constantly strive to enhance your lifestyle by providing attractive homes, beautiful surroundings, and varied amenities at an affordable price.

In addition, we understand that the inherent, natural beauty of Long Neck makes our communities unique.  Along with our commitment to value comes a commitment to preserving the character and integrity of Long Neck.  From our marinas and marshes to our championship golf course, our growth is based on our superior community planning.  Now in our fifth generation, Pot-Nets has been family owned and operated since the beginning, and our management is dedicated to resident service.  This dedication is shared by all staff as we strive to exceed the expectations of our residents in every way.